Apa kata: Mata pelajaran di sekolah menengah = Subjects in secondary school

Bagaimanakah mata pelajaran sepatutnya disusun di sekolah menengah? = How much choice should students have about their subjects in secondary school?

Berikut ialah petikan daripada komen-komen tentang siaran kami pada minggu lepas. Here are some comments from readers about our post last week.

(Untuk komen penuh, layari post asal dan Facebook note asal. For the full comments, visit the original post and original Facebook note.)

From Parveenn, on the Dialog Pendidikan website:

I wish I had more choice as a student. I would have loved to learn technology in school. I really wish I had the opportunity to study Reka Bentuk Teknologi. Personally I like Physics and Biology, but not Chemistry. I think it’d be more beneficial for the student’s progress to choose subjects that they like.

From an anonymous reader, on our previous post about streaming by exam results:

My schooling was in national type schools in Ipoh from 1961 (Standard 1) to 1972 (Form 6, Cambridge HSC). … In Forms 4 and 5 we were streamed into Science and Arts classes. Within these 2 streams, again students were grouped into separate classes based on exam results. …

… [One] issue was the pressure brought to bear on students, mainly by parents, but also by teachers, one’s peers and one’s own self, to get into the Science stream. I don’t know how many were shoehorned into something they were good at (at least at that level) but were not entirely interested in. …

From Nishaanth, on the Dialog Pendidikan website:

… How do we ensure that students make informed decisions? The subjects I ended up choosing were because of what I wanted to study at university and what would appeal to the university more.

From Alya, on the Dialog Pendidikan website:

… How do we also create a safety net for students to be able to change their minds and choose to do different subjects? Do schools have the resources they need to provide the choices?

From Nicole, on the Dialog Pendidikan website:

We should follow the IB syllabus from primary to secondary – it’s a more structured version of Montessori education. It sounds like a contradiction but its more choice from young and there’s more student voice because you can choose at a young age what you want to study. …

So, apa kata? Do you agree or disagree with any of the other readers — and why? Kongsi pendapat anda di bawah (nama, e-mel, dan website tidak wajib), and please remember to follow our comments policy. For more comments, layari Facebook page kami.

Look out next week for a new post featuring an interview tentang topik bulan ini. Thank you!

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